Setup Method Examples Introduction

Inside the Arena Software first callibrate the 3D workspace using the callibration wand and square, then calibrate the skeleton to the model who is wears the suit.

motion studio

See the Naturalpoint website for these tutorials on setting up the software.

Once the motion data is captured, trajectorize it for export. Inside the program 3D studio Max take the detailed and anatomically correct 3D models and attached it to a bipod. A biped is a preconfigured skeleton with a basic set of constraints.

studio max screen shot

Then import the motion data from the Arena software, tweak the model, then render the output for web consumption.

The pleasant surprise is that capturing the motion data is easier than expected. The real difficulty lays in mapping the captured data on to the virtual anatomical models. Subject matter expertise and a high degree of precision is required in mapping the data points, or the resulting model may bend and move in unnatural ways.  Here is an example of an early render gone wrong.

Setup Method Examples Introduction