Motion Capture - Introduction

Motion capture, or motion tracking is a technique of digitally recording movements for entertainment, sports, and medical applications.

We at Darton College are applying this same technique for advanced learning technologies in the areas of kinesiology, body core exercise and dance. Students struggle when attempting to visualize the movement and interaction of bones, muscles, and other anatomical structures from static images. Even videos are limited in depicting these interactions.  Using Motion Capture technology the Darton Instructional Technology and Distance Learning Department (ITDL) can rapidly develop online kinesthetic/anatomical visualizations.

With the recent purchase of motion capture studio equipment we are quickly learning the benefits and intricacies involved. Following preliminary development and demonstration of motion caption studies in Tai-Chi, faculty in Allied Health, Performing Arts, and Physical Education have enthusiastically embraced the Darton Motion Capture Technology Project.  Improvements in student outcomes are expected for course learning objectives where concepts are difficult to illustrate in 2D static formats.  ITDL and faculty in these degree programs are exploring ways exploit this new instructional method, and to assess their students’ performance or technique in real time.

A couple of years ago we purchased full anatomically correct 3D models from a company called Zygote media and have been using them in our Nursing and Science programs. When properly optimized, they are ideally suited to having motion capture data applied to them.

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The Center for Digital Education and Converge magazine announced winners of the 2009 Digital Education Achievement Awards. The awards showcase exceptional K-12 and higher education Web sites, projects and programs across the world. They recognize educators, students, parents and volunteers who are creating meaningful education experiences for students using digital technology.

Darton College's submission for Motion Capture in the classroom won in the learning and engagement category.

2009 Digital Education Achievement Awards Winners Announced

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Digital Education Achievement Awards Winners announcedDarryn Ostrander
Darryn Ostrander: Director, ITDL

Andy Lenard
Andy Lenard: Web Designer / 3D Animator, ITDL